Earth: Battle Sphere
Earth: Research Structure
Earth: Blue Wasp Invasion
Earth: Mine Sweeper
Earth: Communications Array
Earth: Solar Flowers
Earth: Tunnel Badlands
Earth: Communications Helix
Earth: Destroy the Virus
Mars: Cube Field
Mars: Stray Juggernauts
Mars: Decoy Flock
Mars: Cubic Confinement
Mars: Bumblebee Hideout
Mars: Tunnel Hierarchy
Mars: Cygnus Formation
Mars: Mars Overseer
Jupiter: Gas Collection I
Jupiter: Cubic Structure
Jupiter: Jupiter Alley
Jupiter: Camo Crystals I
Jupiter: Gas Collection II
Jupiter: Jupiter Jumpers
Jupiter: Resource Maze
Jupiter: Camo Crystals II
Jupiter: Camo Crystals III
Jupiter: Caenorhabditis jupitans
Saturn: Tesseract Defense I
Saturn: Hexahedron Field
Saturn: Tesseract Defense II
Saturn: Abandoned Construction Site
Saturn: Black Knights I
Saturn: Black Knights II
Saturn: Saturn Badlands
Saturn: Tesseract Overload
Uranus: Energy Cells
Uranus: White Doves: 1st Battle
Uranus: Alignment I
Uranus: Energy Loop
Uranus: White Doves: 2nd Wave
Uranus: Alignment II
Uranus: Energy Cube
Uranus: White Doves: Tesseract
Uranus: Alignment III
Uranus: The Great Wall
Neptune: Cubic Maze
Neptune: Sweeper Countdown
Neptune: Fusion Bouncer
Neptune: Cartesian System
Neptune: Maze Sweeper
Neptune: Tunnel Sweeper
Neptune: Fusion Alley
Neptune: Turbine Massacre
Neptune: Fusion Flail
Neptune: Blue Dot