It has been discovered that the White Doves have gained wormhole technology, and are attempting to set one up as a vector for attack in our solar system. A Tesseract has been deployed to stabilize space-time, and must be defended from the White Doves while killing enough of them to protect the area.


Arm your photons for when the Doves cling to you. This will allow you to destroy the Doves without aiming, as photons have a large spread. With this in mind, you can focus on stopping the Seekers before they reach the Tesseract. When you do not have Doves clinging to you, you can switch to lasers to attack the Seekers, if desired.

Time Limit 3:00
Rewards 1 180° Turn
Kill Targets 12
Points ×1
Kill Targets ×50
Protect Targets ×500
Time Bonus ×5
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