Recent contact with the White Doves has been met with hostility. The Doves have no interest in diplomatic discussions, and you are tasked with the job of ending the first wave of attack.


Doves are split up in flocks that remain together throughout the mission. Once you approach a flock the flock will cling to you (provided another flock hasn’t already done so) and attack with lasers. You can use this to your advantage by destroying the doves at this point. If you switch to your photons you will also be able to destroy some of the lasers and prevent damage to your ship. If you ever want a flock to detach you must destroy the flock’s current alpha. The alpha tends to stay in the center and clings near your center view, rather than off to the side. In some cases you may want to try to destroy some Doves without them clinging.

Time Limit 3:00
Rewards 1×10% Shield
Kill Targets 22
Points ×1
Kill Targets ×40
Time Bonus ×5
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