Scavenging technology from a battle at their home planet, the White Doves have achieved wormhole capabilities. If such a wormhole is created, the White Doves will be able to attack quickly before alignment cubes can disable their systems. Set up a wall to protect the Tesseracts to avoid formation of a wormhole, and end the war for good.


The Alignment Cubes in this mission will explode when pointed away from Uranus, revealing several Tesseract Defenders. Pick up the Defenders and drop them off at the drop-off points in front of the two Tesseracts. They will destroy a Seeker upon collision. The first Tesseract Seeker will be launched after 90 seconds. Focus on building the wall immediately in front of the Tesseracts, as the Seekers will only approach in this area.

Time Limit 3:45
Rewards 3 Missiles
Protect Targets ×1,000
Health Bonus ×10
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