More energy must be generated to power Neptune’s defense grid. You must clear a path for the fusion sphere to merge with its partner. Do not let the sphere be destroyed on its way.


Destroy the four Oculi first, as they will shoot at the Fusion Sphere that you must protect. Once the Fusion Sphere has safely passed the first Color Cube, bump the Color Cube to the right (as in Figure A) to direct it into the tunnel. Start clearing the tunnel of all energy cells immediately. At the exit of the tunnel are five Triton Blasters that are continuously firing lasers. Triton Blasters are indestructable, so you must move the Color Cubes in front of them to block the lasers and allow the Fusion Sphere to pass through unharmed (see Figure B). Some cubes are blocked by small asteroids, you will have to destroy the asteroids to move the cubes. While the Sphere may be able to survive one or two Blasters, it is best to block as many as you can. At the end of the course are three Nereid Mines. They can only be destroyed by bumpers placed on the Fusion Sphere, or by the Fusion Sphere itself, although the latter will reduce the Sphere’s health and possibly destroy it. To protect the Sphere and destroy the mines, place as many protective bumpers on the sphere as possible, by picking them up and colliding them with the Sphere (see Figure C).

Time Limit 1:15
Fusions 1
Points ×1
Fusions ×2,000
Health Bonus ×10
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